Friday, March 20, 2009

Thinking of Spring

The spring equinox has arrived on our doorstep. Yeah! Found pussy willows already. Yeah again! Lots of birds at the feeders and expect to see those little bits of bright yellow starting to appear on the Goldfinches. The sun is feeling warm on your face........ when you find a spot out of the wind.
I've been visiting my favorite daily blogs like poppytalk , craftzine, and desire to inspire to gather decorating inspiration for my upcoming studio space. Trying hard to keep in mind that it needs room for tangled reed and tools but looking forwrd to creating displays and shifting gears whenever an idea strikes. Of course right now it's those beautiful spring greens and thoughts of robins egg blue that appeal to me. Will try to use a background color that will shift easily with the seasons so I can go from beach to fall harvest and then rich holiday displays. Settled on putting Benjamin Moores 'dill pickle' somehwere. That inspiration came from Canadian Home and Country feb/march 09 issue.
Happily, I'm seeing a mix of twigs, antlers and bold colors in both relaxed country or modern decor. Can't wait to start the renos and get to work on a rustic twig arbor to welcome folks to the studio. Picture is last years garden. Only three more months until those lilies in the background bloom!


Marg said...

Always loved that chair. That picture makes me think summer will come again and another year of a beautiful garden at your place. Can't wait to see the new furniture additions

Janet said...

Mmm, mmm, mmm! If that chair's sitting out front of the new shop, you'll have a hard time shifting me out of it so your customers can have a look.

I've been rummaging around on those same blogs looking for alluring ways to display scarves but am coming up a bit dry. Everything I find that I really like takes up way more room than I have available. Ho hum.

ASpinnerWeaver said...

Your friend Janet just sent me over to have a look at your blog. I will look forward to seeing more of your basketry, because I Love Baskets! as you can see from my blog.
Happy Spring!