Monday, July 12, 2010

A Natural Rush

....chair of course! I confess to having this chair on my to do list for far too long. It was hard to get a size match to the original hand twisted rush in the seat so I eventually went ahead with pretwisted rush I was able to buy and it turned out quite nice! I clamped along the back as you can see in the pictures to flatten the rush a bit so the back rail would fit snugly against the seat again. It worked!  

The lable on the bottom says "Home of the Windsor Chair  (something) & Stone, Mass." so I'm guessing maybe Nichols and Stone who are still in the furniture business. The chair is reassembled but I managed to forget a picture at that stage. Here's the new seat at least. :)

If you're interested in learning about chair seat weaving check out Cathryn Peters site at It's the go to spot for all things chair seat weaving and wicker furniture repair. She weaves gorgeous baskets too!


Weavin' Wicker Woman said...

You certainly did a great job on that Winsor rush chair Shari, and thanks so much for the shoutout about my website! Much appreciated. Here's the link to my PictureTrail photo album for the hand-twisted rush photos, too.

The Wicker Woman-Cathryn Peters

branch manager said...

Thanks Cathryn. I can't imagine hand twisting the rush like you do! Thanks for the picture trail link. Love the little hand painted chair with the rush seat.