Monday, August 27, 2012

August In the Garden

The hydrangeas are stealing the show in many gardens this year with the hot dry weather we've had. This one is a favorite of mine and I'll have to dry a few blooms to save for a winter bouquet.
The light has changed a little and is softer by late afternoon signalling the end to the dog days of summer. These pink petunias have started to blooms again with a few cooler nights.

 A great perennial that usually saves it's blossoms for Sept has started to bloom early this year again no doubt due to the heat. It hit 30 C today when days would normally be around 21.
It's aptly named Big Leaf Goldenray and provides the perfect spot for a cool bit of shade...
No we do not have a new cat! This guy has been joining us in the back yard for regular visits. He likes our bird bath for an occasional drink and the perennial beds for shady hide outs. He has a pal that hangs out with him most days so it makes for an interesting stroll around the yard. You never know when they'll appear. 
oooh! camera cord!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Add Colour

Wow has it been quiet here on the blog but I promise I've been working. This is the calm corner of my studio with things in a natural palette. 
This past week is all about colour. I've been working on my wishbone baskets with their twiggy frames and some baskets with lids. I think a day making starfish inspired the colour combinations.