Friday, September 21, 2012

September's weather has been back and forth between sunshine and heavy rain so I've been taking advantage of what sunshine there is. The wind has been steady too and my tower of scarlet runner beans took a beating and finally took to leaning. Yes, a leaning tower of beans. I decided it was time to pick everything and reinstate the twig obelisk to it's upright position. The scarlet runner beans were a surprise. They grew far beyond what I expected from the newly dug patch of garden.

The beans always get ahead of me and I don't get them picked in time to eat the tender pods. The delight of opening the overgrown pods to reveal their bright pink bean seeds never gets old. It's so unexpected that the rough green exterior conceals this hot pink.

Apparently they are a good substitute for lima beans ( if you like lima beans) if used before they are ripened and turn to a dry bean with a purple spotted skin. I'm happy just to enjoy their colorful blooms and vigorous growth. The hummingbirds like them too. Bonus...

...they look great in my newly minted basket with lots of bright harvest colors. Not be to outdone, the sunflowers are bursting with blooms and the butterflies are still around to take advantage of there energy supply.

This guy just happened to land as I was taking pictures. I think it's a Red Admiral. He even stayed so I could get a close up. Very good of him/her.

More rain for the next few days but there will be more ripe tomatoes to pick and visitors to spot before the frost arrives.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


High winds have shaken the cones out of one big pine tree behind the studio. Today was the perfect day to scoop them up before the next downpour.

Not sure what they will be used for yet but I've got bag fulls and baskets!