Friday, May 29, 2015


It's gardening season! What a difference a little heat makes. So happy to see that most of my garden is coming to life after a very rough winter and long cold spring. Gardener's optimism was almost running out but never mind that, the green sprouts have arrived! These little forget-me-nots are like a weed in the yard but because of their toughness I am embracing them all this year.

Tomorrow's treat will be a trip to a couple of local garden centers and I might even get some seeds and a few pansies planted.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Inspiration in Ireland

I had the most wonderful trip to Ireland this spring and despite grey weather was in awe of the beautiful landscape. What better place to get inspired to garden and be creative again. From the glamour of Kylemore Abbey and it's lakeside swimming pool and walled garden with lush spring flower beds, inspiration was around every corner.

Look at those turquoise doors and gates! The entrance to the walled gardens was this magnificent door with it's black iron hardware and the colour was repeated in the gate and trim of the gardener's cottage. I'm almost glad the sun stayed hidden behind the mist as the colours in the garden where more vibrant in contrast to the grey weather and dampened stone. 

That was just day two on the trip! I'm still in creative brain overload. More to share another day...