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 Even I haven't visited this space for a very long time and to my surprise it's still getting some views. It has been neglected, maybe, paused, maybe, but all the things I love are still relevant and I thought I should start sharing a few bits of my creative life here again. A renewal, just like your favorite movie channel subscription.  It's the season of renewal here on Cape Breton Island and I am torn between the workbench and the tiny sprouts of promise showing up in the garden. Every year without fail I get excited about raking the leaves off the perennial beds and finding little green shoots emerging, sometimes even flower buds waiting on the really early bloomers. That's were my brain splits it's time. Wool and plants. The really good days are when the two get blended into a project.        Hope to see you back here again soon. Maybe a week or a month but it won't be another 7 years! 

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