Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Monday Mention from Weavin' Wicker Woman

It's Tuesday but to my delight I got the Monday Mention on the Weavin' Wicker Woman's blog. Just got my slideshow up and running yesterday as all of this blogging is new to me. Glad it made an impression! It's so great to be connecting with folks from afar especially the basket weavers! For some pictures of incredible antique restoration and info on all of Cathryn Peters classes and her fabulous baskets check out her website www.wickerwoman.com.


Teena Marie said...

Hey Shari,
Great slideshow. Did you take all the photos of product and outdoors? Coz they are great photos!

branch manager said...

Yes, took em all with my good ole Canon. Scenery shots are all from River Bennett last fall. There's a red maple in the yard that stops cars for pics when it's at it's peak color. Glad you like them!