Saturday, May 23, 2009

Paint and Paneling

Lots more pro - gress this week with the help of friends and family again! Many coats of paint went on once the walls were filled in with paneling. In the interest of recycling and economizing the paneling that came out of the house (way too much of it in there) got used on the walls in the studio. You've got to love white paint. I also went the "green" path with the paint and picked up several cans of Bomerang recycled paint. It went on really well and covered the brown paneling in one coat over the primer so it gets my thumbs up. Bonus is the price at less than half of most paint per 4 litre can. The paint crew was on a roll so the little wooden ladder with all of the spots of paint from over the years got a fresh coat of primer and will get finished with "blue lake" I bought from Mr. Paint. It will be handy to have in the studio so might as well be pretty!


Marg said...

This looks like a pretty quiet place to hang out and escape the city. Are you taking reservations?

branch manager said...

I have a few reservations but not the sort you're talking about. Regardless, all are welcome to hang out and escape the city. ;) Inside looking out is great but that's another post!

Teena Marie said...

HEY Shari, Studio space is looking great! Inspirational spaces make for great ideas! Love the white, clean look...a heavenly, roomy void to fill with a flurry of creation! Oooo, makes me even more keen to move into my 'summer' studio space sooner than later.

Can't wait for the next post!

Marg said...

Hi Shari
I like the slide show. Did it take long to set up