Friday, June 12, 2009

Garden Fresh

We had a much needed rain here last night and this morning so the garden looks fresh! The greens seem greener and the flowers brighter with the rain still on their petals. This is the season in my yard for rampant pink and blue forget me nots and wild columbines in shades from white to burgundy. Globe flowers and my Japanese Kerria provide hits of bright yellow. The perennial geraniums are just starting to open some buds and the lilacs are providing the perfume. This year I'm adding salmon impatiens and petunias for a jolt of color. Not a shade of pink I'd usually go for but it will be interesting to see how it fits in with the changes the perennials provide throughout the season. The gorgeous hanging basket is from The Greenhouse Co-op in St. Peter's which is definitely worth the trip if your on Cape Breton Island. This is all of course in my home garden. The studio will be a new start and challenge for gardening. Lots of sun but the soil is not so good. I'll start with nasturtiums!

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