Monday, August 17, 2009

Gift from the Forest

It's never hard to find an enchanting spot when you wander through the woods. There is lots of evidence of hard work in the woods behind my studio. Stones piled along lines that no doubt at one time defined fields of a farm are now grown over with a mixture of hardwood and evergreen. The moss that grows over the stone is lush looking when you get a shaft of sunlight reaching it. I thought this was a great place to take a picture of the antler basket I finished this week. They always start with a bit of handspun wool from my friend Chris at Bras D'Or Lakes Fibre Studio and I choose the colors from there. This piece has a lot of waves in and out as it follows the curves of the antler.


Marg said...

WOW your antler baskets are without a doubt always my favourites.

Nancy Jacobs Basketmaster said...

Such a beautiful basket and beautiful photography as well. I enjoy your site and will be following you.

branch manager said...

Thanks so much Nancy,



Lovely antler basket in a lovely setting.