Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Other Island

I'm so lucky to live in the Maritimes where there are treasures to be found at any moment. The scenery can't be beat and there are so many great little discoveries to be made in small towns and villages. On a recent trip from this island to what I refer to as "the" Island where I grew up I found a sweet little ash basket in my favorite antique shop in Summerside. I make a point of getting to Coulson's Antiques as often as possible. I have other ash baskets I've collected and will share some more pictures as I find them around the house. I wish I knew exactly where the old baskets came from and who the weaver was but it's always left up to the imagination.This little gem has a couple of broken curls but it's perfectly intact otherwise. The strips of ash are so tiny and perfectly cut to even widths which is a marvel to me every time I see an ash basket.

Monday, October 12, 2009

From the Studio

In honor of the view in any direction these days I put a hit of color in some new baskets. This will be my last week to be open at the studio for the season and it's getting chilly. Lots of weaving to do though as one season is finishing thoughts of the next have me dying rich plums and reds!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Myth in the Mist

Great exhibit on at the Center for Craft and Design in Sydney. The Myth in the Mist opened this week and features really fun pieces celebrating the otherworld of faeries. The pieces I created for the exhibit were inspired by the wonderful places I often find in the woods with old tree stumps and soft beds of moss that I could imagine a little sprite taking comfort on. The exhibit includes some fantastic visual art, jewelry, wood, art dolls and absolutely charming creatures from Sarah Beck at Wildfire Pottery. Don't miss out!