Monday, January 11, 2010

Not One Knot

Well, maybe one knot to get started and one to finish. Can't say for sure what made me go looking for shells on a crisp winter day. A small rebellion against the gray sky? This is a fun technique that will enclose just about any shape. I knotted up a couple of little projects to get me going on something new. It's a great way to use a little treasure you've picked up for whatever reason. I used wax linen and some glass seed beads I had on hand to wrap this pretty piece of mussel shell my daughter had collected on a trip to P.E.I. I bought  Mary Hettmansperger's wonderful book  Fabulous Woven Jewelry as soon as it came out and have been inspired by all of the great projects in it, knot less netting being one of them. I highly recommend it. another piece finished with a leather neck cord. It's a shell from a long ago trip to a beach by my mother I'm guessing and a little bit of P.E.I. sandstone attached to the bottom.


ASpinnerWeaver said...

Wow! These are great! I especially like the color in the first one. It makes me want to go look for the book as well.
And your photos are very well done.

branch manager said...

Thanks! Try one with some of your fabulous fibres.

laura said...

very mermaid-y, Shari! I am swooning! (nets do that to me) (and teensy nets especially!!)

branch manager said...

Hey Laura, sorry your comment was in never never land....somewhere with the mermaids! Think happy thoughts and you'll go places!