Saturday, February 20, 2010

Casserole 1

Slipped up on this one. Let the distractions of daily life get in the way but have one done and the second in green waiting rimless. Not sure I like the handle so will rethink that. I used rectangular metal d rings instead of the regular "D" rings and the fabric doesn't tie as nicely around them. The fabric is a perfect match to the colors of reed though. It is a request for a basket that will take a large lasagna pan and that part I got right. I made it a bit deeper than the pan so it's a bit more useful for other things as well. An attempt to be practical! I'll get the other one posted soon and have no shortage of possibilities for projects for next week.


Nancy Jacobs Basketmaster said...

Very Pretty!

Weavin' Wicker Woman said...

I like the fabric handles and if they get worn or you want to change the color sometime, it would be a snap to do!

branch manager said...

thanks folks. Yes I had a request from a quilter for a potluck basket so thought she'd be happy to switch up handles, be able to wash them or even do a liner and handle to match.