Tuesday, February 2, 2010


My pal over at Scarfa Day has geared up for her February challenge of weaving a scarf a day. The rules are flexible so she has challenged fellow bloggers to sign up in one way or the other. Maybe so we can push each other along but probably because she likes to share! I'm not planning to do a basket a day (no,no,no) but to get those projects finished that have been waiting patiently on the work bench. I'm calling it "Finished by Friday".  So I'll post a project and publicly declare that I'll finish by Friday of that week. That way in order to save face I'll have to get to work on it! Feel free to join in any way you like. Consider February as a get to it month. You know what I mean! Come out of hibernation....oh ya, Happy Ground Hog Day!

Exhibit A - rimless basket
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