Friday, February 26, 2010

Finished by Friday February 26/10

The felt projects continue to be fun! I experimented with welt felting over the open weave of a basket. The fibers probably needed to be mixed up more before I applied them to the surface. I did needle felt them a bit so the layers would stay together to get started. It is something I'll work on lots more to get the desired effect. The wool is certainly securely attached to the basket. It felted to itself between the gaps so although the rim section is not as well felted it wouldn't come off without scissors!

Next I played with making cords or lariats and added some little blue flowers and leaves. They have necklace potential and look great as a hair accessory. I was really pleased at how well the flowers match the blue reed in this basket!

And then since I'm fond of trees and all things associated with them these little acorns came along and they will look great among the fall splendor which inspires so many of my baskets. There's a flickr group devoted just to acorns! Delightful!  

And not to be forgotten a couple of little buds of another kind, a mother daughter project :)

Yes, I am loving the needle felting! It's so great to have a new interest that I can do  in a tiny place without water being flicked all over the room. The basket weavers know what I'm getting at. Bonus is how nice a compliment it will be to my handmade baskets and I'm thinking of new projects as a result of the woolly wonders. That's a gift this time of year when all is gray and I want to see spring. Maybe I'll make some spring this weekend. Cheers!


Nancy Jacobs Basketmaster said...

I just wanted to say how much I like the little felted embellishments. They really work nicely with the baskets.

Vivian S√łndergaard said...

Hi - the felt looks very nice, love the details. i have been planning to learn felting, mostly to line (close inside)my baskets (hope that is OK english - i'm danish..... ;-)
But so far I spend all my learning time weawing the willow :-)

branch manager said...

Hi Vivian. Your willow baskets are lovely! Felt liners would be great. I've only woven a couple of willow baskets in a course (no willow growers here) but I really like them.

Marg said...

WOW you have been busy. I love them all and can hear the brain working from here.
Especially enjoy the mother daughter project.
Nice work you two.