Saturday, February 27, 2010

One Year of Blogging!


I just realized this afternoon that I must have been blogging for a year by now and when I checked back to my first post it was  in fact February 27th 2009! It's an anniversary! It hasn't been consistent but I made it through a whole year. 
I'm pretty sure things looked familiar to this in February last year with perhaps a bit more snow. This is a picture of one of the flower beds in the garden. Can you see the hydrangeas and the David Austin roses and the big leaf goldenray blooming happily? There's always a few stray pansies and in July butter yellow  and soft pink Asiatic lilies leaning over to whisper to the  blue hydrangea. I digress. Thanks to everyone who has stopped by over the last year. I've learned a lot already by blogging and have enjoyed so many posts from great fellow bloggers. This will be the year to learn all I can about websites and get one established for the studio. Better get started!


Nancy Jacobs Basketmaster said...

Happy Anniversary! I started my website just before Christmas and I struggle with it. Although I look back when I first learned how to blog and blogging was a struggle in the early stages. My question is now do I move my blog to my website and just have one internet venue???
Keep us posted with your website development!

Weavin' Wicker Woman said...

Congratulations there Shari, you are on a roll now! Keep up the good work, even though it's daunting some times. You make wonderful baskets and woven woolens and I love the way you write, too.

My SIXTH year of blogging will be coming up in July, can you believe that???? Like you, not always consistent, but hey!

But my website has been going for even longer, since November of 1999!!! How's that for longevity?

The Wicker Woman-Cathryn Peters

branch manager said...

Thanks Nancy. All of those videos you've taken the time make amaze me! I'm sure you'll find that new source of inspiration you want for your online presence.

branch manager said...

Cathryn thank you. I had just started weaving in 1999 and was so happy and inspired when I discovered the online world of weavers like you!

Annie MacHale said...

Happy Blogiversary! I'm glad to have made acquaintance with you because of it.

branch manager said...

Thanks Annie!

Teena Marie said...

Happy Belated Blog-Anniversary, Shari!!! Cheers to another great year at Red Twig Brown Twig