Monday, February 22, 2010

Wonderful Wool

I've been waiting to dive into this box of wonderfully soft wool. It came a week ago and I've been trying to finish the other things I should do before starting a new project. But nothing is in the way now so I'm "challenging" myself to work on a new skill this week. I got a taste of needle felting at a Finders Keepers workshop and have just been doing little wool doodles with yarn I had since. I'm excited about trying lots of different ways to use wool and needle felting techniques. Will make some embellishments for my baskets and try incorporating some felting into the weaving as well. I guess the challenging part will be whether I can felt something worthy of posting! Can't believe the month of February is almost gone and I hope the folks involved with the Scarfa challenge are still having fun with it. Thanks to Janet for being the instigator. It will all be finished by Friday. :)

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