Sunday, March 28, 2010

Little Things and Fabrics to Match

I love it when I find fabrics that are a perfect match to a color I've picked for a basket. 


I also love little things.


Groups of little things are even better! I'm working on some bigger projects but thinking of spring and little sprouts keeps distracting me and I've been doing these as a result.

The background fabric will also go into a shopping basket as a liner. It needs to get dipped in some tea to give it that well worn and loved look that will match the tea stained reed perfectly. Don't know where that darn rabbit came from!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Little Spring Whimsy

The weather has turned gray again for a few days. Who can blame me for letting my mind wander! 

"Mairzy doats and dozy doats and liddle lamzy divey
A kiddley divey too, wouldn't you?" 
                                                                     Milton Drake


Friday, March 19, 2010

More Magazine Inspiration

Flea Market Style's ( hopefully) premier issue is so full of great projects on how to reuse and restyle vintage household goodies that I have been looking for an object already in my possession to work with.  The January 2007 issue of Country Living magazine had this lovely article on Spode! There it was, the next project. I bought these potless lids from Homestead Gifts and Antiques in Summerside, P.E.I. many moons ago. They were on display like plates in the store which I thought looked great but I've wanted to re-purpose them in some way. So, I think I can match the lovely teal green with some reed and I have wooden bases that should counter the weight of the lid. And there you have it, another basket project. 

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Weaving Bit

Here's a couple of projects from the new color combo. The cat's head basket may get a lid as well. I thought I'd experiment with the lid on the little basket. It has a ridge of felt underneath to keep it in place. If I do some more dying I might throw the wool in too so the lid is the exact color of the reed.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Mixing New Colors

The green was easy to achieve. I used bright green from Cushings direct dye. The red was an experiment. I started with Cushings American Beauty but it was too much of a blue red. Very pretty, so I dyed some reed to use for another project. I added a packet of Dylon Old Gold after I had dyed the first bit of reed in the American Beauty. Experimental yes, but I think it worked. Both dyes are hot water dyes so they seemed to mix fine together. The poppy color I was looking for is really more of an orange than red so adding the yellow shade brightened the color. Now I just have to get the weaving done!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

It's The Color!

I can't get past the cover on this magazine. Absolutely love the poppy red and citrus green. I have some work to do getting the color just right in a batch of reed but this is my next challenge. I love any green but use this shade as much as I can in  in weaving. It looks great with chocolate brown, turquoise and even a dark plum. Reds are a bit of a guessing game when it comes to dying reed. It's usually a surprise when it comes out of the pot. I've been known to check the batch , add some blue to adjust the shade or some brown to tone it down. So, I have a bright green and poppy red basket to make. Haven't settled on the style of basket yet but I'm thinking...........

Friday, March 5, 2010

Project Magazine Love

This is really going back a few years. It's the April 2001 issue of Victoria, told you I had archives! A sweet picture with the little girl and the no doubt nervous bunny.

Monday, March 1, 2010

March Motivation

Decided I should find another challenge for the month of March. I've been following with keen interest the making of a magazine over at Restyled Home and Flea Market Style although I haven't got my hands on a copy yet! It got me thinking however, about my magazine love over the years.  I went to the basement where there are stacks of old favorites, some of which are no longer published. Some of my favorites over the years have been Victoria (the old one), Country Living and Craft Illustrated. My mom shared the magazine love and often sent me letters with clippings of things she thought I'd like and I saved her all of the great quilt designs and hooked mats I could find. My big sis who shares the gardening bug always has a stash of glorious gardening magazines and has gifted me a subscription or two over the years. These are safely tucked away too. So, my mission for the month of March is to make something inspired by one of these copies from the archives at least once a week. 

Here's the first project. Yes, more felt. Isn't this a gorgeous cover photo from the August 2001 issue of Victoria. Aren't these pansies so simple and beautiful.  There is more inspiration inside this issue but I'll pick another magazine for the next project.