Sunday, March 28, 2010

Little Things and Fabrics to Match

I love it when I find fabrics that are a perfect match to a color I've picked for a basket. 


I also love little things.


Groups of little things are even better! I'm working on some bigger projects but thinking of spring and little sprouts keeps distracting me and I've been doing these as a result.

The background fabric will also go into a shopping basket as a liner. It needs to get dipped in some tea to give it that well worn and loved look that will match the tea stained reed perfectly. Don't know where that darn rabbit came from!


Juliana said...

Oh my are SO talented!
Your baskets are so incredibly unique! Love them all...AND the bunny! :)

Vivian Søndergaard said...

ha ha - so cute with the rabbit in the basket. I am not very good at using colors in my baskets.
I have tried, but as I almost only weave with willow, I always regret adding the color to the natural colors of the willow.
The colors are much better when they are used like in your baskets, and the felt is beautifull. great springcolors !

branch manager said...

Thanks Juliana! I'm blushing!

branch manager said...

Willow certainly has it's own beautiful colors. No need for adding anything to it. Glad you liked the spring hare.

Weavin' Wicker Woman said...

Oh Shari these are just darling and the colors are so vivid! Love, love, love them. How cute!

branch manager said...

Thanks Cathryn, they're fun to do.