Thursday, March 11, 2010

Mixing New Colors

The green was easy to achieve. I used bright green from Cushings direct dye. The red was an experiment. I started with Cushings American Beauty but it was too much of a blue red. Very pretty, so I dyed some reed to use for another project. I added a packet of Dylon Old Gold after I had dyed the first bit of reed in the American Beauty. Experimental yes, but I think it worked. Both dyes are hot water dyes so they seemed to mix fine together. The poppy color I was looking for is really more of an orange than red so adding the yellow shade brightened the color. Now I just have to get the weaving done!


Teena Marie said...

oooo...can't wait to see what 'cha make!

Liz said...

so springy! springlike? love it!