Monday, June 28, 2010

Tuned in to Radio

This weekend was a busy one with weaving and gardening.While I'm in the studio I tune in to CBC radio 1 and 2 depending on the time of day. Friday evening I worked late to get a piece finished and at about 7 I looked out to see a young male moose devouring the new leaves from scrub alongside the studio. The radio was on with some music drifting out the door and then the news announcer's voice changed the atmosphere. As soon as that male voice came on the moose turned around and walked toward the studio door which is only screen!  There he was staring at the studio from not more than 20 feet away. I didn't have the camera! Yes, I was a little worried that he might decide to come in but for the most part I was thrilled to see how beautiful this creature was and to realize that he was just curious about the sound. He went on his way quietly after staring in the door for a couple of minutes. My husband saw him the next day down by the pond below the house so I'll be camera ready if he visits again! 

 On the gardening front I've been trying to get some perennials established in the yard around the studio and have planted lots of annual seeds. Sunday afternoon in the studio I listened to Tapestry on CBC radio 1. It was a repeat show on spirituality and gardening with Joni Mitchells  "Back to the Garden" playing throughout. It's not profound but I know that the best flower beds I've created are the ones I dug the deepest in the beginning. Just a thought. On that note here's what nature planted while I labored in the front yard.


Needleit said...

What a thrill that must have been although my second thought would be .....I wonder how long I'm going to have to live in here?....Now that he's sorta moved in he needs a about Herbert? :)

branch manager said...

I hope he's transient so I don't have to live in the little studio! Something tells me he'll be a lot bigger by fall.