Monday, July 19, 2010

Backyard Jungle

Gardening season is in full swing and the rain and high heat has turned my yard into a jungle! Every perennial and shrub is taller and lusher and bursting with blooms this year. A special treat is the hydrangea that has struggled the last couple of summers to bloom even a little. If the winters are cold with little snow cover the tips get frosted and there are no blooms. This year however is totally different. It's loaded with blossoms just starting to burst out. It is a Nikko blue hydrangea that got planted in the only spot in the yard that probably isn't acidic soil. I discovered a lot of wood/coal ash in the soil when I dug this bed up years ago. Now I get blue, mauve and pink blooms on the same shrub. BONUS!


Barbara said...

Hi, I am so happy that you stopped my blog! I do love your work and how you incorporate the colours of nature (lupins) in your work. I love those hydrangeas!!! I am working on blue!
I am actually an east coaster as well ... we have been in ON about 15 years but have tons of friends in NS. as my husband worked in Halifax for almost 3 years. My very best friend lives in Fall River!
Very best wishes,

branch manager said...

There's no place like Nova Scotia in the summer time! I'll bet your Ont. garden is a few weeks ahead of us here though. The hydrangea just opened up this week and lilies are just starting. Lots of inspiration!