Friday, November 26, 2010

Favorite Things

Two of life's simple pleasures for me are fabric and magazines. Today was a bonus. I got a great deal on this beautiful cotton print this morning and then came home to find my copy of Holiday magazine in the mail box. Kismet! Guess what I'm doing as soon as the coffee is ready..........

Monday, November 22, 2010

Rough to Rustic

This little dresser was the perfect fit for a small spot in my kitchen. I felt things needed a little shaking up in my cream to beige world. And it's November and it's dull outside most days so I picked Sun-dried tomato from Sico. It might be a bit more just-ripe tomato than sun-dried but I like it! There's a rosy glow coming off the dresser and it certainly has the desired effect on the kitchen. :) 
 The rough part...

and the rustic part ...

 I haven't spruced up the wooden knobs that were on it yet. Anxious to get it ready to use I improvised with branch and twig scraps I had and I kinda like the rustic finish. It will look great for the holidays and I can change them later.

The knobs were really easy to make. Chopped the slices of birch (at a slight angle) and alder twigs on my chop saw but a pair of pruning shears and a hand saw would work. Drilled a pilot hole all the way through the twig and just to start a hole in the birch. Please use a pair of vise grips or a bench vise to hold the twigs while drilling if you try this! Slide a screw through the back of the drawer and attach the two pieces of wood to the dresser with it. If I decide to leave them on I'll do some sanding and put a coat of varnish on them so I can wipe them easily.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What to do with the scraps?

Remember those paper chains we all made in elementary school? They were bright, colorful and easy to make. I always have bags of scrap bits from basket weaving and they are getting too many in number. 

 So while I'm indulging in  Midsomer Murders (not the inspiration for the holiday cheer) I've been twisting these fun little chains together. Something cheerful for a foggy day in November. I think I'll work on making enough for an all reed Christmas tree. They will go with the snowflakes, reindeer and birds I've made other years. Oh, and these little guys are great for using up bits of reed too.                                                                                                                                                               

 For the basket weavers with make the star - start with 6 or 7 inch pieces of  #6 and split each one to one side of the center and insert the next "stick" to create the overlap. Once you have the 5 pieces of #6 connected together start weaving at the point of the star with #3 tucking the end along the inside of the sticks. Weave each one individually from the point down towards the center and then on the fifth point wrap the tail end of your weaver around the center of the star. You can tidy up the ends and snip those pesky hairs more than I did.  If this is clear as mud send me a note and I'll try to reorganize my thought process! :)


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Standard Time

The light really is different in November. It makes the world look a little softer somehow. I'm working on a new project and will be anxious to see what the fading light of fall does to it's appearance. A sneak peak of the prototype. Just a teeny bit.

Better get to work!

Friday, November 12, 2010

A Little Paint and Fabric

Chairs, chairs chairs! You can't have too many comfy ones and sometimes the sturdiest ones aren't the prettiest ones. I tackled a quick redo on these dining chairs because they are sturdy ones. They are for my oldest child who is getting settled in to his own home. Yes, finished university and gainfully employed. Don't ask me how that happened! Anyway, back to the chairs. A little sanding, a couple of coats of metal paint and some new fabric....much improved. Slight problem with doing the next two. I can't find any more of the brown fabric!  Next chair post will be about 'Mix and Match' I guess.


Friday, November 5, 2010

Studio Closed for the Winter

Yes, it's the end of another season at the studio in River Bennett. It just gets too cold for my fingers to weave without heat! The work continues though and I'll have some new goodies ready for the Gallery at the Centre for Craft and Design this holiday season. Look for upcoming news about Holiday Spirit.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sites In the Highlands

These photos are from Northern Cape Breton along the Cabot Trail. They came to me courtesy of Wendy at Glass Artisans. She snapped them on one of her recent drives to Cheticamp. It's always a thrill to see moose on your travels. Sometimes they arrive in your yard too!

They're awesome!