Saturday, February 27, 2010

One Year of Blogging!


I just realized this afternoon that I must have been blogging for a year by now and when I checked back to my first post it was  in fact February 27th 2009! It's an anniversary! It hasn't been consistent but I made it through a whole year. 
I'm pretty sure things looked familiar to this in February last year with perhaps a bit more snow. This is a picture of one of the flower beds in the garden. Can you see the hydrangeas and the David Austin roses and the big leaf goldenray blooming happily? There's always a few stray pansies and in July butter yellow  and soft pink Asiatic lilies leaning over to whisper to the  blue hydrangea. I digress. Thanks to everyone who has stopped by over the last year. I've learned a lot already by blogging and have enjoyed so many posts from great fellow bloggers. This will be the year to learn all I can about websites and get one established for the studio. Better get started!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Finished by Friday February 26/10

The felt projects continue to be fun! I experimented with welt felting over the open weave of a basket. The fibers probably needed to be mixed up more before I applied them to the surface. I did needle felt them a bit so the layers would stay together to get started. It is something I'll work on lots more to get the desired effect. The wool is certainly securely attached to the basket. It felted to itself between the gaps so although the rim section is not as well felted it wouldn't come off without scissors!

Next I played with making cords or lariats and added some little blue flowers and leaves. They have necklace potential and look great as a hair accessory. I was really pleased at how well the flowers match the blue reed in this basket!

And then since I'm fond of trees and all things associated with them these little acorns came along and they will look great among the fall splendor which inspires so many of my baskets. There's a flickr group devoted just to acorns! Delightful!  

And not to be forgotten a couple of little buds of another kind, a mother daughter project :)

Yes, I am loving the needle felting! It's so great to have a new interest that I can do  in a tiny place without water being flicked all over the room. The basket weavers know what I'm getting at. Bonus is how nice a compliment it will be to my handmade baskets and I'm thinking of new projects as a result of the woolly wonders. That's a gift this time of year when all is gray and I want to see spring. Maybe I'll make some spring this weekend. Cheers!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Wonderful Wool

I've been waiting to dive into this box of wonderfully soft wool. It came a week ago and I've been trying to finish the other things I should do before starting a new project. But nothing is in the way now so I'm "challenging" myself to work on a new skill this week. I got a taste of needle felting at a Finders Keepers workshop and have just been doing little wool doodles with yarn I had since. I'm excited about trying lots of different ways to use wool and needle felting techniques. Will make some embellishments for my baskets and try incorporating some felting into the weaving as well. I guess the challenging part will be whether I can felt something worthy of posting! Can't believe the month of February is almost gone and I hope the folks involved with the Scarfa challenge are still having fun with it. Thanks to Janet for being the instigator. It will all be finished by Friday. :)

Basket #2

Got the rim finished over the weekend. This basket will hold a rectangular pan or a large oval casserole dish. The strap is one piece woven into the basket making it a great support for the bottom. Again, bigger than need be for the dish but you could get a lot of fabric in here for quilting! A few hairs need to be trimmed off and I think a little embellishment for the outside is in order. You can see the filled bottom on the other basket.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Casserole 1

Slipped up on this one. Let the distractions of daily life get in the way but have one done and the second in green waiting rimless. Not sure I like the handle so will rethink that. I used rectangular metal d rings instead of the regular "D" rings and the fabric doesn't tie as nicely around them. The fabric is a perfect match to the colors of reed though. It is a request for a basket that will take a large lasagna pan and that part I got right. I made it a bit deeper than the pan so it's a bit more useful for other things as well. An attempt to be practical! I'll get the other one posted soon and have no shortage of possibilities for projects for next week.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Week Three

The assignment this week is create a basket suitable for casserole carry out. I'm really behind on this project and need to make a couple of versions. If all goes well I'll have two baskets to post Friday. My hands are really beat up from the flower shop so today will be planning day with lots of Gardeners Hand Therapy lotion. The stuff from Crabtree and Evelyn gets my two thumbs up!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Mission Accomplished

It's done! Despite some holes that didn't line up and none in the back corners it has a new seat. It really is a sweet little rocker probably made for a petite lady. Needless to say, my knees come up to meet my elbows when I sit in it. I hope it will provide enjoyment for a few more years. Off to the flower shop tomorrow to help make Valentines a special day for the "twitterpated" among us. That's a challenge of another kind. ;)

Monday, February 8, 2010

Week Two

So this week I'm setting myself up for a late night or two. This one really has to be finished by Wed. as I'll be in the flower shop in prep for the big day at the end of the week. I can feel the rose thorns now. Oh, the metaphors. That's off topic.....back to the challenge. This lovely little rocker has been waiting patiently as have it's owners. Here goes.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

A New Diversion

This was an experiment with a new found craft. I've got the needle felting bug thanks to the gals at Finder's Keepers aka Lamoore Designs. The wool sweater vest was begging for a redo. Nothing that's been hanging in a closet for any length of time will be safe from the needle now! I needle felted the spots where I wanted to take the scissors to the sweater to stabilize the edges. Then I wrapped the new neckline and arm holes with some bulky yarn I've had forever and went to town with the needle. The more time spent stabbing away at the edges the firmer they got so I have a fair bit of confidence it won't unravel (sort of). Back to baskets for the day, tomorrow's Friday.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


My pal over at Scarfa Day has geared up for her February challenge of weaving a scarf a day. The rules are flexible so she has challenged fellow bloggers to sign up in one way or the other. Maybe so we can push each other along but probably because she likes to share! I'm not planning to do a basket a day (no,no,no) but to get those projects finished that have been waiting patiently on the work bench. I'm calling it "Finished by Friday".  So I'll post a project and publicly declare that I'll finish by Friday of that week. That way in order to save face I'll have to get to work on it! Feel free to join in any way you like. Consider February as a get to it month. You know what I mean! Come out of hibernation....oh ya, Happy Ground Hog Day!

Exhibit A - rimless basket
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Scarf A Day: Everything Old is New Again [Scarf #42]

Scarf A Day: Everything Old is New Again [Scarf #42]