Friday, February 25, 2011

REcycled Wool Coat

There are always a few days by the end of February when the sun starts to give off warmth. You have to get in a spot protected from the other elements and stretch your face directly to the sun, but it's there. You close your eyes and think of the warm days to come and you relax a little. Your shoulders, after all, have been up around your ears since December bracing your chilly self against the winter. Yesterday was one of those days. After a brief stint in the previous mentioned position something kicks in and you feel like throwing old stuff out or cleaning a closet. I went for a little of both. The wool coats got slung on the clothesline to air out and I decided one of them was ancient and needed to go. Scissors in hand I salvaged what I could right there on the clothesline and left the carcass for the garbage can.

The red wool went in to a hot wash and then the dryer set on high. It got all fluffy and shrunk into a new stash for my felting projects.

The sun was beating in the kitchen window so I sat there to work on the first felting project from the wool. I started with a half sleeve and have three small pieces of felt to work with. This coat is going to go a long way. It served it's purpose as a warm coat for many years and will get a new life as accessories!

What do think of my tiny little owl? He will keep an eye on your glasses for you!


ASpinnerWeaver said...

Absolutely precious! The red wool is a beautiful color and you made great use of it. The owl and tree turned out great!!

J. Anthony Stubblefield said...

You did get some yardage from that coat.

I have been felting wool blazers from GoodWill for my pin cushion projects. I sort of feel bad taking a nice warm wool blazer from someone who could use it, but I use every scrap, so I guess that is OK.


RedTwigBrownTwig said...

Thanks Annie. The wool from this was lovely, melton cloth weight I think so it is nice to work on.

I think it's great to give a new life to an old garment so thrift away Tony. I love your pincushions!