Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Big Day Out

We had a perfect day in the great outdoors yesterday! It was windy but once we hit the woods on our snowshoes it was lovely. A bright sunny day with just enough fresh snow to see lots of animal tracks in it. The snow in the woods is really deep but with a hard crust so it was easy going. We trekked along the dry branch of the Barrachois River until we got to the main part and it was open water.

    There were lots of rabbit tracks and one canine set. Uh oh. Then back to the pond that drains out to St. Ann's Bay and a view of Englishtown.

 Down at the pond we saw lots of evidence of the beavers that built the dam in the fall. We were a bit worried about them as we had a bad storm in November when part of the dam was washed out. Looks like they are thriving and you guessed it........busy.

My fellow snowshoer was always ahead because I had to stop for some artsy shots you know. Not much left of the rose hips after the moose eat them all. 

One last stop under the biggest birch tree on the property. Me this time. Cheers!

Well maybe one more picture of my favorite thing....


willow dane said...

Wonderfull pictures , but you sure have a lot of snow over there .

RedTwigBrownTwig said...

Yes, more than enough snow! It's been an exceptional winter. Most of the shrubs are completely buried so it should be a good insulation for them.

ASpinnerWeaver said...

Glad that you carry your camera on such outings. I love your artsy photographs. That last one of the bark shows great texture. Thanks!