Thursday, March 31, 2011


They don't intersect but they brush close by and before you know it your off on one. There's the vintage tablecloth I found that I've been distracted by, making me think of sewing projects and household needs.

Then there's the new felting machine I bought. I've been experimenting with it to get a feel for what I can create. First finished piece is a clutch style bag made from a recycled coat. I'm trying to stick to the stuff in my wool stash while I'm getting the hang of things. The temptation to go buy silk fabric may overtake me though.

And there was the little recycling project of a different kind. The coolest candy store in town had some leftover boxes from Wonka nerds so I had to weave a little basket. The "owner" of the basket will be revealed soon.

 Tangents! They are always taking me off the path. Luckily it's usually a straight line to get back.

Oh, and there's the thoughts of gardening running through my head all the time now. I can't wait for these to return...

Ah spring, the season of distraction!


ASpinnerWeaver said...

Your posts are always such a visual treat! You are talented and creative with growing things, photographing them, weaving, felting and who knew that candy wrappers could be turned into something so sweet?

RedTwigBrownTwig said...

Thanks so much Annie! Some days I think I should grow up and stick to a schedule or something but I'd be kidding myself. ;) Hope you're having as much fun in your beautiful studio!

Nancy said...

Hi Shari,
Love the beads in the baskets. So sweet! What's in my work basket you ask? I'm doing lots of sewing and machine embroidery these days.