Monday, July 4, 2011

Wildflower Bounty

It might just be that I've had time to notice the wildflowers but it seems they are all out in bloom at once! On a coastal hike in the Cape Breton Highland National Park there was a bounty of wildflowers blooming. The first one I spied was a Lady Slipper and there were a few in this spot.

I think the cold start to this summer season slowed some early bloomers down and they are now catching up with the plants that normally bloom in early July. Bunchberries, ferns and starflowers were in abundance.
The beach peas were blooming and it always amazes me the conditions they will grow in.

Blue flag iris were starting to bloom just along the edge of the rocks.

It made for a beautiful hike with lots of excuses to stop a while to take pictures.
Back to work and tending to my own garden today. Happy trails!

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