Monday, August 15, 2011


 Wish it were a pair of socks I was mending (or DARNing)! Blog neglect, major slow down on the work in the studio caused by another self inflicted injury. So that's two so far this summer. I'm really hoping I can postpone the "everything comes in threes" to sometime after Christmas if it must be. I am on the mend and have been felting but not weaving much. In the mean time the garden is treating me to a parade of color between rain drops and the sunflowers are growing taller, showing promise of blooms for the fall.

Hollyhocks, daylilies and poppy buds...

 Apologies to anyone trying to find me at the studio working and many thanks to all who are finding my work at Arts North, The Water's Edge and the CBCCD Gallery. Much appreciated!

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