Saturday, September 10, 2011

Just A Little More Pink

Fall conjures up images of golden yellow, rust and reds but there are still a few blossoms in my garden from another colour palette. This David Austin rose has continued to grace the yard with these beautiful blooms all summer and I really wish I could share the heavenly scent with you!

Next to it is this lovely perennial with it's dark green leaves backed by burgundy.

It is aptly named 'big leaf' goldenray (Ligularia dentata) and produces the most interesting heads of golden flowers. The flowers are just starting to peak out from under those huge leaves and will grace the garden for the next month.

Not to be outdone, the "red" hydrangea I planted about 5 years ago has burst forth the loveliest purplish blossoms. No doubt a reaction to the soil here but what a great color. There just happens to be a new basket to match!

The sunflowers I planted from seed are just starting to bloom so the yellows and rusts will be posted soon but in the mean time I'll enjoy the pink palette.

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ASpinnerWeaver said...

I always enjoy a visit to your garden! Your basket looks lovely!