Thursday, October 13, 2011

Along the Way

Fall seems to surprise us each year with a few warmer than normal days. It feels like a special treat especially if you like to hike. Last weekend gave us a couple of those days and I got a chance to go for a walk through the woods behind the studio. 

 All of the local flora are throwing off their seeds to sprout for next year and there's lots of goodies for the birds to enjoy as they fatten up for a long winter.

The rain we had made it hard to get down to the pond so we waded along the side of the river bed and back through the woods.

A lot of the old spruce have been devastated by the spruce bark beetle so many of the tree trunks look like turnstiles. I have a favorite spot in the small wooded area behind the studio. It has the remnants of hedge rows of stone piled up up along what used to be farm fields.  I can't imagine trying to grow potatoes in the stony ground here.

There is some hard work on display here even though it's now tumbled and grown over with moss.

Here are the tiny little fruits of my garden labor this year. I had a stack of them rolling around on my table over the Thanksgiving weekend. They are so cute!

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Salix said...

Your woods are beautiful.