Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Bluefaced Leicester

I know kittens aren't pink but that's what this beautiful wool feels like!

I've tried lots of different wool over the past few months as I discover it in local shops. My favorite for needle felting softness is the fleece from the bluefaced leicester breed of sheep. I went and had a look for some info and there's a great site by the Bluefaced Leicester Union of North America. Everything you need to know! What explains my fancy for the wool is that BFL is considered the softest of the longwool breeds.
This gorgeous color of roving is from Fleece Artist. I found it at Baadeck Yarns here on Cape Breton Island. It is the exact color of an old fashioned rose I planted, just a hint of purple in with the soft petal pink.

How could I not make sugar plums! It wasn't the only color of BFL I bought so perhaps a little wooly mistletoe for the upcoming Holiday Loft?

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Salix said...

The plums look yummy.