Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Treasure Tree

We filled the tree with happy memories again this year.

Almost every ornament on the tree has a story connected to a friend or relative. It makes for a fun evening when we haul the boxes out of storage. We didn't have room for everything this year on our compact tree so we stuck to the mostly handmade and favorites. After all, we've been adding ornaments to the collection for 25 years. It's time to retire some and send others off to adorn our sons tree at his new home.

If you have nothing better to do or need to escape for a few's a treasure hunt

There's two blue birds, two penguins, a puffin and chicken
A stocking, a lighthouse, sea urchin and mitten
Two houses for birds and one for a mouse
Four balls of yarn and a bird like a grouse
A lace wreath on one side and glass tree on the other
Four elves altogether but one with some bother
(He's in a canoe without any paddles)
Pete Pan is quite old unlike the two snowmen
They are hung with a bear and shepherd that's German
A red cardinal's hiding and one is down low
and four icicles hang by the lights so they'll glow
Do you like hunting and still feel quite keen
then look for the pine cones you should find fifteen
Don't finish without counting the stars from a friend
Find fourteen little tin ones and we'll call this the end!

Now get back to what you're supposed to be doing!


Needleit said...

Beautiful tree Shari, Merry Christmas to you and your family. :)

RedTwigBrownTwig said...

Thanks Joan. All the best to you and yours too!

Teena Marie said...

I love looking at other people's trees and knowing what their ornaments mean to them...same reason I like looking at other people's photo albums. IT's all about the stories and making a connnection.
Merry Christmas Shari to you and yer fam. Much love, Teena Marie