Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Up Close in the Garden

All of the lush green growth in the perennial garden is starting to show signs of blooming. If you get the right mix of perennials established they will provide you with an ever changing blend of colors throughout the entire growing season. The soft colors of spring are giving way to the vibrant colors of summer in our yard. The soft blue forget me nots are fading out to be replaced by more intense blue geranium and irises.

 The bleeding heart is finishing up just in time for the poppies and fuchsia geranium to burst open.

 The columbines in their pale pink and dark burgundy are mingled through the rest of the blooms keeping the bees happy with pollen. I always think they are the most likely to become a fairy hat the way they curl out at the edges.

 I like to plant a few annuals each year to give the garden a little change and one of my favorite color combinations this year is the pansy I put in next to the variegated coral bells. Perfect!

Hope you are enjoying a June garden too.

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ASpinnerWeaver said...

Beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing your garden!