Thursday, March 28, 2013

Creativity Multiplied!

Have you ever had that excited feeling when you go to something new or somewhere new that you just found a treasure? Kind of like finding a fabulous used book store with a whole section on your favorite topic? The Growing a Creative Economy conference in Sydney  this week was that bookstore. Not only was it full of all of the stuff on my favorite subject but it was full of people willing to help you find it! You can check out the line up of great speakers for yourself over at the website and be sure to keep your eye on this follow up offering of Creative Juice. If you missed it this year bookmark the site because I'm guessing this will happen again! 
I was lucky enough to be asked to create something for this conference based on the theme of collaboration. Took me less than a second to say yes! I was given the delightful task of watching and absorbing the video art of Aaron Acosta called Stars and then working on a piece that was inspired by the sights and sounds of Stars. It was a challenge and a change from my day to day basket weaving so I loved the process. I got to try out new materials and combined them with my regular weaving supplies to work on an idea I've had for a while about creating lights. That said, I made three pieces. The bonus was meeting Aaron who is very generous with his talents and not only receptive to working with another artist but trusted someone else to interpret his work! That's a big gift. Be sure to check out his work and here's a look at some of the Stars I created.

 The list of ideas sparked by the conference is going to take a while to check off. Now to take all of that creative energy and get to work on my next project!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

One More Sheep

Looks like the March 23 workshop at The Bobbin Tree is almost full so we'll be offering a second one. Head over to Janet's shop at Artisans in the Attic or for more details if you want to join the fun on Easter weekend. ( you can register by giving Elaine a call in the Attic at 562-3807)

There has also been some interest from folks that aren't inclined to make them but want to own one! Look for the jelly bean herd to arrive this week on Bobbin Tree shelves.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Herding Sheep

Who knew the winter months would be so busy and the days would fly by without time to blog! Well here's the first update on what's happening around here. Sheep have been appearing among the jelly beans in spring colours! 

Yup, their little fleecy bodies all dressed up for spring and heading off to a workshop at the Bobbin Tree in Sydney. Head over there for details if you want to join us for the workshop! The Event