Sunday, August 18, 2013

August Garden

It was another glorious weekend on Cape Breton Island. We've had perfect summer days to enjoy the garden in the changing light of mid August. It's the time of year that lengthens the shadows in late afternoon. The delphiniums and iris have faded but the annuals and lush hydrangeas are showing off their colour.

Early summer blossoms are bearing seed and fruit for the birds who are getting used to me hanging around. They are hesitant at first but quickly ignore me and head for the bird bath next to the outdoor workbench.

Each of these changes has inspired a new colour combination in the weaving projects this summer. Today the dye pot gave me the best color of blueberry blue  and mauve to match the hydrangea blossoms. I love it with a limey green from Saturdays dye lot.

There is still some pink left in the gardening season and the bright orange and yellows of the calendula. I'll have to weave the front garden next!

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