Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A Day Trip

A day trip or what some would call time travel is a short drive from home for us. In 45 minutes you can go from having a busy schedule back to the 18th century. We've been there before, Fortress Louisbourg that is, and perhaps we've been to the 18th century. Who knows?

There always seems to be a few years between visits and it is often shared by a friend or family member that comes to see us. The place truly is amazing and I still haven't seen all there is to offer. Each trip has it's own discoveries so it is imperative that we go back again. Each season has it's offerings as well.This time of year it's quieter on the streets but the beautiful light of September fills the paths and doorways with long shadows. The gardens are mature and the farm animals that reside there are content to find a sunny spot out of the wind like the rest of us on fall days. There is one other bonus for me at Fortress Louisbourg. The place is full of baskets! So I'll share a few photos of the day and encourage you to take a trip there yourself. It's well worth the time and effort no matter how far you travel to get there. The entrance to the site....

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