Monday, November 18, 2013

Into the Woods

A quiet hike in the woods often reveals a pleasant surprise. You know how exciting it is when you come upon a wild animal that hasn't caught site of you just yet. They are just standing there quietly going about their usual daily routines. Nothing startling happens, it's just the wonder of seeing for your own eyes what you know is living there. I enjoyed a day like that today so I had to share.

Do you see them? Imagine my surprise! I got a little closer.

Yup, that's a raccoon and a fox having a chat alright.

Indulge me. I've been staying indoors working on little critters for the upcoming market at Cape Breton Centre for Craft and Design.


Lisa at lil fish studios said...

Utterly adorable.

RedTwigBrownTwig said...

Thanks again Lisa!

TMF said...

Fantastic work!! I wonder what they were talking about. Probably the weather, just like the humans do.

Catrin Roberts said...

do you make these as a badger?!

RedTwigBrownTwig said...

There is snow in the forecast TMF! We'll all need our parkas.

RedTwigBrownTwig said...

Hi Catrin, sorry, I've never made a badger or seen one! They are interesting creatures. You've got me thinking.