Sunday, July 20, 2014

Colours of July

The garden was in need of some weeding and trimming so I tackled it this morning. It is a pink and purple world in the July garden.  The heat of July seems to make the rose blossoms give off a delicate perfume and just a brush past the lavender fills the air with it's soothing scent. I have had this lovely rose in my garden for many years and despite the rough winter it had it has graced us with it's soft pink blooms again.
No photo to show you but it was surrounded by lemon balm that I should never have planted. It comes back all over the yard every year and I don't really mind because it has the most delightful scent when it is chopped and pulled from all of the cracks and crevices it finds to sprout in.
Some of the other plants I have had for many years are favorites in July . The delphiniums never cease to amaze me as their colours unfold along the tall stems. They are sometimes as tall as I am.
The colours are gorgeous in the late day sun. Next to them in the yard are these Japanese Iris that I covet. I am sure they would like a wetter location but have come back faithfully for at least 10 years in this shady spot.
The lavender had to be replanted a couple of years ago after an icy winter killed the old plants. This one is doing well and has a lovely scent. 
It is accompanied by bright pink dianthus and a light blue campanula. I put the peach pansies in last year and they popped up again. I love the colour mixed in with the blues and purples.
Last but not least is this pot of clear pink petunias that punctuates the green of ferns and hostas in the garden behind it. 
There are more pinks and purples that didn't get photographed today but these are the favorites. The garden will move into it's next colour scheme as August approaches and brings on the lilies and daisies and the annuals continue to fill in. The reward for a day of dirty work is well worth it!

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