Wednesday, January 28, 2015

A Tea Party Needs Tea Cups

Imagine finding brand new (never been used kinda new) Centennial tea cups at a hardware store on Price Edward Island. It is after all Canada's birthplace. That store was closing out and clearing out the stock shelves from 1967! Of course you have to buy a set. These beauties set me back 25 cents a cup. That's right, set of 4 for $1.00.

The mouse is a whole lot newer than the cups. He's just a few days old. And then there is the much needed stash of tea cup handles that Teena Marie Fancey has collected. Just one more of the little essentials you need to celebrate a tea party of sorts. Brilliant!

 "No Room! No Room!" is available to purchase and you'll find the details here if you are the type that's you know .....curiouser. :)

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