Tuesday, January 6, 2015

New Year Ambition

Time to restock and start all of the new projects that have been percolating over the busy months of November and December past. I have been washing new fabrics and sorting through lists and magazines. My cohort Teena and I have been filling chalk boards with ideas as they spring up to get us motivated to dig in to new work for 2015. There have been distractions over the holidays but we are both keen to develop the ideas into new products for Cabot and Rose. Things from the past are inspiring new designs. We are talking long past like 1715! Now that the new year is here it's time for a  new colour palette as well. That's always a motivator.

I will leave you with this fabulous piece of art from Teena Marie Fancey to perhaps plant a tiny seed of inspiration in one of you! 

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