Sunday, July 12, 2015

A Favorite Perennial

July brings an abundance of bloom to the garden in my yard and this year things are overlapping a even more because of the late start to the growing season. The columbine are still blooming and the poppies and iris are open amongst the perennial geraniums giving the garden a blue, mauve and pink palette. This white peony always tops the list of favorites though.

A couple of years ago I took the risk of of splitting the one piece I had and it was worth doing. There are two lovely clumps of this old plant in the yard now in full bloom. It was a risk of sorts because it's the only one I have and it is an old variety from my mother's garden. It has the most wonderful fragrance and the tiny hits of burgundy on the edges of a few petals give the blooms a delightful touch of elegance. This plant will stay a favorite!

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