Thursday, July 16, 2015

Summer Classic

It was a classic maritime summer day in Cape Breton. Lots of sunshine and warm temperatures without high humidity and enough breeze to keep the pests away. The sunshine and heat mean the flower pots are filling in and I consider this pink petunia a summer classic too. A staple in maritime gardens for as long as I can remember are the older varieties of petunias that filled large flower beds each year. These newer varieties of trailing petunias are marvels of colour combinations and the fact that their blossoms resist melting in wet weather makes them winners for sure.

Needless to say even though it was a work day I spent as much of it as possible on the deck. Even the little violas seems happy with the weather and at the warmest part of the day the fragrance of the  sweet alysum seemed heightened. Ah summer, you're finally here.

Some days it takes some effort to get yourself slowed down enough to enjoy the little things. This kind of sunny summer day inspires that mood.  There is of course always room for creative endeavors and today sparked the idea for this fellow. I had just recycled some turquoise silk fabric and it was perfect for little dragonfly wings. The real ones are flitting happily around the garden but this little guy will be around in January to remind me of summer's warmth. Hope everyone got to slow down today and enjoy the little things under a sunny sky somewhere!

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